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  • Raheem DeVaughn - A Love Experience
    • Raheem DeVaughn has released his debut album ‘The Love Experience’ off the back of his earlier released single ‘Guess Who Love You More’. If you enjoy music from artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Kem, and Rahsaan Patterson, this album is for you.

      Raheem was raised by his mother in Beltsville, Maryland where he claims when his mother wasn’t around he would sneak off with his mothers records to listen too them. Raheem states that music was always around in his house and when listening to it he new later on in life he wanted to be an entertainer. That’s when the journey began!

      Being a talented, lyricalist, songwriter, singer and entertainer, Raheem first started singing with a group of guys at college, Boys II Men style but while it did not last it set him in the right direction to purse a music career, and after winning a talent quest at a local nightclub, Raheem invested in a CD burner and sent his demo CD to Jive records and the rest is history…

      The Lover experience is a must get CD, with the best tracks on the album being ‘Guess Who Loves You More, ‘Believe’, ‘You’ and ‘Breathe’

      Track listing

        1. Love Experience
        2. Breathe
        3. Who
        4. Where I Stand
        5. Letter, The
        6. Cadillac
        7. Green Leaves
        8. Believe
        9. Guess Who Loves You More
        10. You
        11. Ask Yourself
        12. What If

      For further details about Raheem DeVaughn and his music visit http://www.theloveexperience.com


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