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    Album Review

  • Eric Benet - Hurricane
    • Eric Benet has released his long awaited third album “Hurricane”. Going back to his roots with a mixture of ballads, soul, blues and rnb in this album, with many similarities to his debut album “True to Myself”. Known for his powerful lyrics and smooth vocals Eric Benet has proven yet again that he is a unique song writer with tracks on the album such as “Cracks of my Broken Heart”, “Pretty Lady” and “Man Enough to Cry”.

      Heartfelt, honest, and at times emotional, this album pulls at the strings of anyone who has a heart at all. One can obviously hear the pain that the breakup with Halle affected him and it's evident on tracks like "cracks of a Broken Heart", "Wanna Be Loved", and the album's heart-grabbing standout, "Man Enough To Cry". Production-wise, the album is very rich in orchestration and live instrumentation and definitely provides texture to slow songs like "India" and "Pretty Baby". The song “The Last Time” sounds some what of a time classic and in opinion is the best track on the album.

      Overall, this is a classic collection of honest songs from one of the industry's most under-appreciated artists.

      Track Listing:

      1. Be Myself Again
      2. Pretty Baby
      3. Hurricane
      4. Where Does the Love Go
      5. My Prayer
      6. Man Enough to Cry
      7. I Know
      8. India
      9. The Last Time
      10. In the End
      11. Making Love
      12. Cracks of my Broken Heart
      13. I Wanna Be Loved
      14. Still With You

      For further details about Eric Benet and his music visit http://www.wbr.com/ericbenet/


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