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    Album Review

  • Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds - Grown and Sexy
    • Whenever I hear that Babyface has released a new album I do what ever I need to do to get my hands on it. As I know it will be pure class from one of the most talented artists in the industry. His new album named 'Growth and Sexy' is brillant album for Babyface.
      While still getting over his previous album 'A Love Story', Grown and Sexy is a some what different album with the majority of the tracks being more upbeat, smoother and sexier then his previous album where the majority of the album were ballads.

      This is my favourite Babyface album, my favourite one previously being 'This Is For The Cool In You' This album reminds me of 'This Is For The Cool In You' as it has a similar mix of tracks. The first tracks set the mood of the album 'Tonight It's Goin' Down' and 'Grown & Sexy'. When listening to these tracks I can imagine myself in a high class bar sipping cocktails, sitting on a lounge relaxing.

      The majority of the ballads on the album are different versions of three tracks that were on his previous album ' A Love Story'. These tracks are 'Loneliness', 'God Must Love U', and Gettin' to Know U' which feature towards the end of the album.

      My type of album! I give it a rating of 9 out of 10. A must have.


      1. Tonight It's Goin' Down
      2. Grown & Sexy
      3. Mad Sexy Cool
      4. Can't Stop Now
      5. Goin' Outta Business
      6. Drama, Love & 'Lationships
      7. Sorry for the Stupid Things
      8. Good to Be in Love
      9. Loneliness
      10. She
      11. God Must Love U
      12. Gettin' to Know U
      13. She's International
      To purchase the album please click here

  • Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds
    • Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is one in a million, a talented rnb artist, producer, live entertainer and songwriter. Not only has he produced solo albums such as Face 2 Face, This Is For The Cool In You and The Day but he has also written songs for a vast range of successful rnb artists.

      Babyface in the 90s raised the standard of rnb by helping write songs for some of the most successful artist in the last two decades. Babyface's LaFace record label, is know to everybody who knows something about R&B.

      Babyface - A love story (2004)


      1. God Must Love You
      2. Red Dress
      3. The Getting 2 Know U
      4. Makin' Love
      5. Love Song
      6. The Sentimental Reasons
      7. The Loneliness
      8. Wish That I Could Tell You
      9. Together Forever
      10. Still My Boo
      11. I Promise - (bonus track)

      To purchase the album please click here


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