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  • Movie Review: Maid In Manhattan

      Based on a story by John Hughes, Maid In Manhattan is a Cinderella story played out with conventionally attractive young stars. Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a maid at a ritzy Manhattan hotel with a precocious grade-school son, Ty (Tyler Posey) and a less-attractive friend, Stephanie (Marissa Matrone).

      Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) is a wealthy Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate with a sleazy personal assistant, Jerry (Stanley Tucci). One day, rich socialite Caroline (Natasha Richardson) checks in to a room at the hotel and Marisa tries on one of her expensive dresses. As luck would have it, Christopher is also staying at the hotel and he instantly falls in love after accidentally seeing her in the dress. Mistaken identities, twists of fate, and silly misunderstandings follow, leading the unlikely pair into a magnificent romance. Meanwhile, Marisa applies for a management position at the hotel and meets butler Lionel (Bob Hoskins).

      Review: Nice romance/comedy. Bit of a chick flick, however the boys won't be let down. Hmmm. Wonder why that is?

      Reviewer: Zaida

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