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    • Club Review: 1st Birthday, Friday @ Hunter Bar

      Whatís not to like about Friday? Friday is FLY day and you canít go wrong with Friday at Hunter Bar for a good nite out. The DJís are guaranteed to bust out the newest and freshest tracks and the atmosphere is bound to rise once the beats have warmed the crowd. No doubt, rest assured youíre in for a good time when you step into Hunter Bar on any given Friday night.

      Friday has been at Hunter Bar for a year now. Itís almost hard to believe itís only been a year and has confidently stapled its name as a leading R&B venue in Sydney. On the 4th April 2003, Friday celebrated itís first year with a mega birthday bash. Danny, the club promoter ensured that a good night of celebration was had by all patrons. Friendly staff at the bar and door. Drinks served without the queues you may get at another venue. Venue was crowded but not uncomfortably so and good-looking party people were in vibrant party mode.

      Performing on the night were an assembly of up & coming urban artists. First on the anticipated line up was MC Zux who performed a few of his tracks soon to be released on the upcoming ďBlazinĒ CD. Patricia Alvarez, Australiaís own Alicia Keys followed swiftly with a self-penned introductory track. Mike Champion rocked the Sydney crowd like only he could and Camielle performed to an appreciative and captive audience.

      Danny continued the good times well into the night with plenty of hot give-aways, dance comps and free bottles of bubbly. The vibe on the night was hot and sexy as it usually is, the dance-floor was cool and bouncing as it normally is and the crowd was vibrant and fly like youíve come to expect.

      You canít go wrong with Friday baby. Almost each Friday has become an event. Fridayís faithful and greatful patrons look forward to whatís in store for Year 2. If you werenít there, you missed out. If you werenít there, where the hell were you? See you next week at Friday and thanks for all the good times had over the last year Danny and club family!

      Reviewed By: Zaida


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