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    • Superjam 3 - 6th October 2002

      If you're a clubber, I'm sure most of you would have regular clubs that you go to dance the night away and have a drink or ten with friends. Clubs such as The Cave, Friday and RnB Superclub are popular choices but what do you do when the long weekend comes? It's a promoter frenzy with organisers trying to outdo each other with different venues, stellar dj line-ups and different marketing campaigns that show the club goer this place is better than the other. This weekend was no different and for the R&B/Hip Hop lovers, one couldn't pass up the night not attending Superjam 3.

      Superjam 3 already had the hype of it being a big event and was always guaranteed a capacity crowd and the Retro Hotel was the perfect choice to house these eager clubbers. The last 2 times they held it at the on a public holiday, the line-up for entry was anywhere between 1-2 hours and when I managed to turn up it was no different. The line stretched from here to South Central (not figuratively speaking), it was long!

      Inside the club it housed 5 rooms of music and entertainment. There were mounted tvs showing replays of the good old David Bowe days and other old school music, soccer, poker machines, pool tables and lounges and even a lady serving hot food! Mmmmmmmmmm.

      The bottom floor/basement was playing Breaks/Hip Hop music with Djs Carl, Mean Gene and Agent 42 sharing the tables and MC Paradyne on the mic. I didn't see anything spectacular the regarding breaks but nevertheless, good music. Up to the next floor.

      Ground Floor (The RnB anthems floor) had an awesome lineup with All-star Djs Lenno, Sefu, Solz at the helms mixing the beats with new and old r&b/hip hop music and my boy MC A.B hyping up the crowd with a g-string competition. The competition? Whatever girl handed in their white g-string, they were given free drinks all night. I didn't stay around to see if there was a winner or not, but I wish I did.

      Level One (Raw RnB) - This floor was just all RnB and was the most popular floor. It was PACKED!! At one stage nobody could enter for 10 minutes because it was just so full. The atmosphere here was totally electric (and hot) with Djs playing great music and people dancing like there was no tomorrow.

      Level Two (Funky House/Latin) - This floor wasn't overflowing with a big crowd but there were people dancing and learning to dance to the latin music that was playing. However when the funky house and dance music came around, more people were on the floor jumping around like galas having a good time.

      Level 3 (Hip Hop) - When I managed to trek all the way upstairs to be greeted with Hip Hop music, there weren't that many people on the floor. Moreso people took advantage of this level because of the balconies it had for fresh air. When I asked Dj Samrai what kind of music he was playing to make sure I wasn't talking nonsense, he said "Country and Western". Funny fella.

      Overall the night was excellent and I rate it a success. Apart from the downfalls of some of the RnB rooms being a complete sauna, the crowd seemed to be having a good time, the music on all levels were great (although I heard Michael Jackson's Billy Jean song on 3 different times). The entry fee before 10.30pm was at a measly $10 with the 2-4-1 passes so seriously, who could want more from a club on the long weekend? Superjam 3 was the place to be.

      Rating - 9 1/2 out of 10

      Reviewed by 2NiTe


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