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    • Conception Day @ Macquarie Uni

      When I first heard about Conception Day I had absolutely no idea what it would be like, all i knew was that it was a HUGE party located at the Macquarie University Campus. High expectations soon followed with thoughts running through my mind that encompasses the stereotypical Hollywood genre of CAMPUS PARTY!! After being forwarded their press release from my boy who happened to be dj'ing there, I found out that it was a day set aside for students to celebrate and play practical jokes around campus.

      Considering this, my crew and I were looking forward to seeing some Hollywood style campus pranks, the types that have etched into our minds from watching numerous Hollywood movies such as Van Wilder - Party Liaison, Not Another Teen Movie and classics such as House Party where fraternity wards and individuals (like Kid n Play) battle it out to see who can throw the best party. Pranks such as turning on the sprinklers at the campus football field, a nude streaker or hot women in PJs were not to be seen once at the Macquarie Campus. The odd fat comic relief with 'feed me with beer' written on his stomach or the skinny guy wearing a white singlet with the words 'Susan's bitch' is something that may receive a weary smile. Conception day did have one thing in common with Hollywood however, and this was the abundance of tits and ass for the male perverts running around. :)

      Upon arrival I was quite impressed with the parking available, as one could easily get lost in this place. From there we trekked to the scene by following the crowd in a beeline. The odd 'dayem' and 'did you see that!' were tossed around as the boys were having a bat over the quality meat available. Apart from the place being a pickup joint for both sexes, people who attended could engage in such activities like shopping at the small market, dancing in an open area to dance music, bop up and down like a pogo stick to crazy rock and grunge music, or hop on one of their several rides. We didn't do anything as this wasn't our scene, so we headed to their food court for a feed and and sat outside on a hill checking out the scenery. After an hour of sitting in the sun and some deliberation, a walk to the Macquarie Centre, some beers followed by several games of pool, we decided to pay $10 to get into the venue where they were playing R & B music and the check out the real reason why we were there.

      Sorry to Dj Jass for not making his set at 12pm, but the line to get those damned wristbands were so long and packed and the thought of paying $10 for something that was meant to be 'free' was not appealing. Nevertheless we gave up and ended up paying in the end. I can tell you now it was not worth it if you are an R & B fan like me.

      As I missed the sounds during the day due to being cheap, my crew and I managed to attend the 5pm-6.30pm session of R & B Music. To those who didn't go, it was nothing special anyway as they were absolutely terrible. Now I'm not a DJ or MC myself, but Maya Jupiter of City Live Superclub could outperform these guys and I can mix better in Winamp. Sorry to say but where did these DJs learn to play the decks? The beats were completely off, the MC was trying to freestyle over the music and track selection was poor. Did I hear YMCA somewhere?

      Now after trying to enjoy my $10 which I paid to get into the R & B level, there was a fight in the foyer over who knows what. Punches were thrown, girls knocked over and security responded quickly and in numbers. I was impressed. This was a sign to me that it was time to depart so my crew and I left for home.

      All in all, I wouldn't have called the event a muck-up day or a celebration of sorts. There were no pie eating competition, no water dunking, no nude streakers or no visible pranks. No themes, or university patriots walking around campus giving it a positive plug. I didn't even see 2 people running around the heat of the day in dressed leather to the tunes of 'You're the one that I want' like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease. Personally when I think of university parties, I compare them to American college parties. If you want to see something totally wild, visit the site http://www.collegefuckfest.com and you'll see what I mean about parties!!! :D

      My rating of the day 4 stars out of 10.

      Reviewed by 2NiTe


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