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WAP Information

  • Tips & Tricks

  • How do I setup WAP on my wireless device?
  • Where can I go to make my WAP page?
  • Where can I get information about WML?

    WAP Browser Links Only

  • These sites are only accessible via your WAP enabled - device.

  • http://wap.ozemail.com.au
  • http://www.anytimenow.com/wd
  • http://www.room33.com
  • http://ayg.com
  • http://www.yourmobile.com
  • http://mobileinternet.ericsson.com
  • http://www.wapmebaby.com

    WAP Emulators / Browsers

  • Wapmore emulator
  • ccWAP Browser

  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)

  • Metroside & Wap
      Metroside is now accessible via WAP, just go to metroside.com/wap and find out what is on and visit some other great WAP links.
  • What is WAP?
      WAP standards for Wireless Application Protocol, it is a protocol that allows basic web pages and web applications to be accessed with your WAP compatible mobile phone and other WAP devices

  • WAP Information Links

  • Wap Station
  • Wap.com
  • AnyWhere You Go
  • Room33
  • MobileInternet Ericsson