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  • Know what is going on!

  • Listen to what the organisers say and follow instructions
  • Take a pen with you everywhere
  • Keep a diary with you at all times
  • Save your money for textbooks
  • If you find yourself unmotivated and easily distracted when studying make your self a strict timetable and follow it.
  • Give yourself rewards when you have achieved something such as a break or a afternoon off.

  • Useful Tips and Hints

      The new university year is soon approaching or has already begun for those unlucky few like myself. But there is no need to despair or start to cringe, at the thought of another year of study. This is the time for true determination and organisation, because these are the two things that will save you, come crunch time when the work starts rolling in. So for those of you who are sacrificing your lives, for yet another year of higher education, here are some pointers to maintaining that cool, calm, collected person of sanity, you became over the break.

    • Starting off and Tutorial Registration Day

      • When itís time for you to register for tutorials, get in as early as possible to ensure that you get the best possible times, that suit you

      • As soon as your uni days and times are confirmed arrange your week, it may take a while but make sure everything (including a social life) has a place

      • Invest in a diary/ organiser, even one of those crappy two dollar ones, trust me it WILL help you, they donít call them organisers for nothing

      • When you find out dates for tests and assignments, write them down in that diary, it will help you structure the process of research and writing

      • Remember although you will have a lot of work to do, have something other then work and uni that you can do once a week, whether itís sports or even shopping and use it as your chill time

      • And most importantlyÖdonít forget to HAVE FUN every now and then, go out and let your hair down. Sure you may have to knock back offers for a few nights out to study, but that is no reason to become a complete hermit

    • Extra Tips

      • Be organised, itís not like school, the lecturers will not chase you up for an assignment you didnít hand in, unfortunately most of them donít really care, you are one number amongst 400 others, so they canít really keep track of you

      • Donít PANIC, uni isnít that big, the lecturers arenít that mean and you will get use to it
      • If within a month, you donít like the course; chances are you wonít like it later. It is at this point that you are faced with three choices, you canÖ.

          1. Drop uni all together, which is never the best option because you end up regretting it and getting into uni isnít that easy
          2. Change to something you do like
          3. Or realise that the course will be beneficial for your career in the end and stick it outÖthatís what Iím doing

      • Whatever you choose to doÖitís enviably up to you, just donít make any rash decisions without looking at every aspect or you may end up making a decision you will regret later.

      • Always keep in mind the reason you applied for that course in the first place, and donít let it take you away from the things youíre truly passionate about, because itís very easy to get bogged down in uni work.

        Author: Lisa


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