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    Streaming Media

    Streaming Media for 56k / DSL / ISDN (Windows Media Player Required)

    New Years Eve 2004 Fireworks

    For those that missed the Sydney NYE 2004 Fireworks Click Here for a sneak peak.

  • Clubbin Hints and Tips

    • If you have ever been to a nightclub and been rejected for one reason or another, then below are some suggestiion on how to stop this from happening again. Please be aware that these are my own personal thoughts and suggestions and are not policy by any means.

  • Dress Code
    • If you are aware that the club that you intend to visit has a strict dress code then to be on the safe side then I suggest collared shirt and leather shoes. If you have to ask somebody the question 'do you think I will get in with these shoes or this shirt' then the answer is probably 'No'. Don't take the gamble.
  • Boy's Night Out
    • If you and the boys are planning a big night out on the town, and want to hit a few clubs, then a suggestion would be to try and meet up with girls and couple up with them when trying to enter the clubs. For most places a group of guy who want to have a big one is not their preferred clientele.
  • Bad Hair Day
    • Another thing that bouncers often look out for when a group of guys approach a club is to check out their style and how they look, often this includes haircuts. If they feel the haircuts look terrible or if they have had problems with clientele with similar haircuts in the passed then they probably won't want you in their club. If you are a regular clubber then it might be worth considering what haircut you choose next time you visit the barber.


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