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  • Ritual

    Official website for the Sydney Gothic/Electro nightclub Ritual.

    URL: ritual.ar.com.au

  • Gothic.Net.Au

    Contains information on the scene, clubs in your area and how to contact other's a like minded nature, there is also a section where you can submit poetry and artwork.

    URL: www.gothic.net.au

  • Gothic Babe Of The Week

    Here you will find the Gothic Babe of the week and winners from previous weeks

    URL: industrialgothic.com/gbotw

  • Witches League For Public Awareness

    An excellent site for wiccans and pagans, contains news updates, occult and pagan information, witches in the media and more.

    URL: www.celticcrow.com


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  • Goth Goss

    • The image that Gothic’s portray, has always interested me, for it is not a fad, like many others, that have blown in and out of time in little less then a second, but one that signifies a way of life. From the clothes, make- up and music to their beliefs, it all makes a statement for who they are. ‘Goths’ are so often branded as weird, scary and unapproachable people, purely based upon appearance…though in my opinion…I find them interesting. I mean these people, underneath the clothes and make- up are just like everyone else, so what’s their motivation for all of it?...what’s their drive? Why do they go out of their way to ensure that they stand out? Is it because they have tried to fit in every other way and have been unsuccessful, therefore would rather stand out in order to fit in? Or is it because they see something wrong in society that no- one else does and therefore make a conscious decision to remove themselves from it. Whatever their inspiration, I have never known a group of people that attract so much attention, by staying in the shadows. Now that’s talent.

    • If you are interested in any alternative, death metal or hard core music, then your best bet is to go to Utopia music store in the city, located underneath the George Street cinemas. This store is purely for those that are interested in the alternative…though still carry some of the lighter pop and ‘R n B’ tunes. Utopia also sells…vinyl and other merchandise including, shirts, stickers, badges, patches and some really awesome jewelry, so next time your in the city go and check it out…even if your not into the music, it’s a really good look around. If you are into the Goth jewelry and cloths then, you are best to go check out the markets Newtown or even King’s Cross, they have some really good stores there.

      By Cella
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  • Dark Side Of The Net

    Has over 10 thousand working links to sites in the alternative genre, including occult, horror, gothic links and more.

    URL: http://www.darklinks.com

  • Torture Network

    Not a site for the weak, contains explicit and graphic ../images for those interested in real gore, horror and violence, also home of the most insane message board on the WWW.

    URL: www.torture.net

  • Horrormovies.com

    Excellent site for horror fans, contains message boards, links, news and information on the genre and lots more.

    URL: www.horrormovies.com

  • Horror.Net

    Alternative message boards, dealing with witches, vampires, horror literature and more. I also moderate the witches forum here.

    URL: www.horror.net

  • Horrorspeak

    Horror movie forums, dealing with everything from explotation to euro and asian horror.

    URL: www.horrorspeak.com