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  • Movie Review: Unleashed

      With so many martial arts experts, turn actors these days, there is no wonder why we have been bombarded by continuous typical action movies, where the fight scenes, seem to disguise the terrible script and acting. It is for this reason that I was reluctant in seeing the latest Jet Lee movie “Unleashed”. Assuming that it would be yet another martial arts movie, I walked into the theatre, with a preconceived pessimistic attitude towards it. Though as I sat there watching the story unfold, I was pleasantly surprised even impressed, not only by the intense fight scenes, but by the story and acting, especially that of Lee, who plays the innocent boy routine perfectly.

      The cast list includes Jet Li, Bob Hopkins, Kerry Condon and none other then Morgan Freeman, whose presence in any movie never goes unnoticed. If you are a martial arts buff, then you will like this movie regardless of the storyline or actors that support it. Though if you are sync like I was, you will find this movie a refreshing change, for it has everything a good movie should, with a little extra. This movie although first appearing to be yet another action movie, is one filled with drama, mystery, betrayal and suspense, that keep you on the edge of your set for the full 120mins.

      Reviewer: Lisa

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