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  • Movie Review: Last Days

      Have you ever walked into a movie theatre just asking yourself, "What the hell have I walked into?"...Well that’s what I was doing continuously, last week as I sat watching the most mind numbingly boring movie, ‘Last Days’. A film based upon the “supposed” last days of the legend Kurt Cobain. For those of you that haven’t heard of him, he was the lead singer of Nirvana, a three piece band of the 90’s, that successfully took alternative music to a new level and developed what could only be described as a elegance of cult like followers of long haired, lost teens, you found direction in their music. I guess you could kind of say that they were the Elvis Presley of the 90’s, because just like Elvis, Nirvana and Kurt’s popularity have only increased since his tragic death. I am one of their many fans, that although to young to experience nirvana at their prime, still enjoy listening to their music now and always on the look out for new unreleased material, so you can understand my excitement to here they were releasing a movie about him, since his death and most of life still remains a mystery, due to countless court cases and an enormous amount of drugs. Though that excitement quickly turned to confusion and disappointment, as I watched a movie that made a mockery of a legends life.

      The dialogue, all 100 lines of it (not nearly enough for a two hour movie) made no sense and the story line, or even plot, was non existent. I know that Kurt Cobain and the other guys were by the end, very out of it, due to a cocktail of drugs, though this was just ridiculous. Ordinarily I would walk out of a movie that was this bad, though, like I said I’m a fan, so I stayed just waiting for something, anything to happen, believing that it could not get any worse, though it did and I walked out at the end, like many, completely beside myself, trying to justify why money was paid to see it. So what I really want to know is how the hell did this movie get all the great reviews it did…I mean who pays for these reviews…I am under the assumption that they did not watch it cause if they did they would not have been so thrilled…something dodgy is happening there. The creators may have set out to unravel the many mysteries that surround those famous last days. Though ended up demeaning the name of a guy that although lived a short life, achieved much more then, most of us could ever dream. I’m just glad that Kurt isn’t alive to see this, for he would truly be ashamed to know that out of everything he achieved in his life…this was the best they could come up with. Sorry Kurt…you’re still a legend well there you go

      Reviewer: Lisa

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