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    Album Review

  • Lloyd

    • Lloyd



      1. 1. ATL Tales / Ride Wit Me
      2. 2. Hey Young Girl
      3. 3. Southside - (with Ashanti)
      4. 4. Feelin You
      5. 5. Take It Low
      6. 6. Hustler - (with Chink Santana)
      7. 7. My Life
      8. 8. Caddillac Love - (with Taniya Walter)
      9. 9. Trance - (with Lil'Wayne)
      10. 10. Feels So Right
      11. 11. This Way
      12. 12. Miss Lady (Interlude)
      13. 13. Sweet Dreams
      14. 14. I'm A G
      15. 15. Yesterday
      16. 16. Southside - (remix, featuring Scarface/Ashanti)

      R&B crooner Lloyd began his career at a young age as one-fourth of N-Toon, a pre-teen vocal group that became popular on the Disney Channel. The future arrived for the Atlanta singer with his signing to Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. label.

      Now Lloyd impresses with his debut – SOUTHSIDE ( released july 20th) Its not like a normal R&B album. He has a unique style of singing, mixing the streets with a unique voice’ which he smoothly works his way through hip-hop-infused songs of seduction. Most tracks are produced by Irv Gotti, which is a shame really, as with caliber like this, Lloyd should have had mixed producers contributing to this album other than Irv and other not-so-well-known and underground producers that are linked with Murder Inc. Its not a perfect album, just a good one and if you want a good listen to an unique and intriguing sound from beginning to end, then you should go check this CD.

      Album Highlights:

      The album's title track (and lead single) finds Lloyd paired with the sultry Ashanti on a serenely soft ballad. Lloyd shows his maturity in an overplay of Slick Rick's classic "Hey Young World", here titled "Hey Young Girl". And on "Sweet Dreams", Lloyd expertly mixes the innocence of nursery rhymes with darker passions. My fav track off the album is “My Life” which as in the title, explains his life to date and has a serious undertone backed up by a well produced mid-slow tempo. Though nearly all the tracks are well worth a listen.

      Last Word

      All in all I did enjoy the flava and the production is been kept reasonably tight. I’d give it a 7 / 10!!

      Review by Snoops


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