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    Album Review

  • Walter McCarty - Moment for Love

    • TrackListing

      1. Moment for love
      2. Only for a day
      3. Its on tonight ft "KT"
      4. Alright
      5. Love you the right way
      6. Freaky wit me ft "Rob Jackson"
      7. Danced Kissed Slept
      8. Heaven
      9. Its over now
      10. I feel like lovin you

      "Moment For Love" is the debut album by Boston Celtics superstar Walter McCarty This album features an eclectic mix of retro R&B and up-tempo dance tracks inspired by the fun and laid back music of the late 80's and the early 90's

      His debut in the big time came when he was a student at the University of Kentucky. He sang the National Anthem before a packed house of 24,000 screaming fans at the Rupp Arena. He matched that feat with his rookie season in the NBA as a New York Knick. Walt's unique ability to sing, as well as his basketball skills, caught the eye of world-renowned feature film director, Spike Lee, landing him a role in the hit movie "He Got Game". Walter has also performed on the same stage with such artists as Destiny's Child, Jagged Edge, and upcoming R&B duo Black Coffey.

      "Moment For Love" explores everything from lost love to letting loose and having a good time. Catchy hooks and smooth melodies makes this debut album a must have for any R&B music fan.

      Album Highlights:

      Moment for Love
      First track off tha album and what away to kick it off, a superbly smoothed out jam to match the likes of "Joe" and "Tyrese".

      Its on tonight
      A unique mid tempo tune that keeps ya toe's tappin' and along with a mad mid-track rap by "KT", makes this a possible chart topper!

      Freaky wit me
      This ones for tha dance floor!A chunky up-beat tempo with a mid-nineties feel and another quality rap by Rob Jackson, makes this one's a tight joint!

      It's over now
      This "Classic Slow jam" shows off his melodic stylez, backed by a beautiful acoustic production!

      Last Word

      Rarely do you find an album where you can truly say "every song is a gem"!, but after you have listened "moment for love" just once, You will find yourself in agreeance.With this 10 track album, comes an overall 10/10 and a big thumbs up for a very tight production indeed!!

      Review by Snoops


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