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    Album Review

  • Mario Winans

    • Mario Winans, a Detroit native, is part of the legendary gospel family, The Winans!

      Mario Winans has worked with such reknown artists as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Brian McKnight, The Notorious B.I.G., and P. Diddy, as well as his own famous family. This is his Second Solo Album, his first being “Story of my Heart” under the “Motown Label” in 1997.

      Most recently Mario Winans has been a “House producer” for P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. That association led to a new artist deal and Mario’s new album – “Hurt No More”. Unlike every other Bad Boy release, there’s only one producer and main instrumentalist: Mario Winans himself. This is a remarkable achievement in the world of multi-tasking and such. His new Album “ Hurt no More” is his first ‘Bad Boy’ release Mario Winans plays an appealing brand of R&B music.


      “Ready For Love Interlude”
      that is simply a sweet intro by Mario and his piano

      “Never Really Was”
      is a tasty R&B song with it’s sample of ‘Madonna’s – ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, mixed superbly by the man himself.

      “I Don’t Wanna Know”
      has angelic harmonies by Enya which provide Winans’ lyrics with a serenity that few R&B songs have nowadays. The P. Diddy rap does it justice ( though there are some sweet remixes available with more a suitable rap)

      “You Knew”
      is a beautifully smooth track backed up by “Slim” (whom himself has melodic voice”)

      ”How I Made It”
      is a short track that samples the Commodores’ “Celebrate” melody that spells out his rise in the the RNB world. Loon’s rap melds nicely within Mario’s verses ..

      “Already Know interlude”
      an emotion filled interlude with lyrics worth taking note.

      “3 Days Ago”
      This awesome acoustic melody finds an olskool touch mixed with a little soft rock to add to an already diverse album.

      “What’s Wrong With Me”
      another fine track that relies on an acoustic cruisy tempo with lyrics to match.

      “Can't Judge Me”
      this brilliant piano upbeat melody has me believing Mario is capable of any rnb style.

      more your typical rnb beat/mix though Mario’s lyrics push it a step above the rest.

      “Enough - (Interlude)”
      wish he hadn’t bothered with this.

      “Pretty Girl Bullsh*t”
      would have to be his worst track on the CD, though still bearable.

      “This Is The Thanks I Get - (Black Rob)”
      this would be his only other failed track along with pretty girl Bullsh*t !

      “I Got You Babe”
      this is a lightly grooved beat crossed over with Mario’s usual soulful sound.

      ”So Fine”
      now this is off the chart!! An up-tempo guitar beat that does nothing but put u into a “so Fine” state of mind! (My Fav Track )

      "Turn Around”
      ends the CD on a fine note with its hauntingly melodic lyrics.


      Along With most classy modern R&B albums, “Hurt No More” delves into relationships won and lost. Mario Winans is a gifted singer, writer and a beyond-belief producer that is finally getting his due as the artist he’s always been. He’s got plenty of the right stuff to make “Hurt No More” one of the best R&B albums recorded in the past few years. It’s bound to be a CLASSIC


      1. Ready For Love - (Interlude)
      2. Never Really Was
      3. I Don't Wanna Know - (featuring Enya/P.Diddy)
      4. You Knew - (featuring Slim)
      5. How I Made It - (featuring Loon)
      6. Already Know - (Interlude)
      7. 3 Days Ago
      8. What's Wrong With Me
      9. Can't Judge Me
      10. Disbelief
      11. Enough - (Interlude)
      12. Pretty Girl Bullsh*t - (Foxy Brown)
      13. This Is The Thanks I Get - (Black Rob)
      14. I Got You Babe
      15. So Fine
      16. Should've Known
      17. Turn Around

      Review by Snoops


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