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  • Rahsaan Patterson
    • Rahsaan was born in New York in 1973, his music career started on televion but it wasn't until 1992 in California that he became a songer writer and singer.

      Rahsaan Patterson is a true rnb talent, with his soul music. He is the perfect artist to be listening to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With a number of albums up his own sleeve, and being a successful song producer and writer for artist such as Brandy, Jody Watley and Donell Jones, he has become an important figure in the rnb music industry.

      Having been compared to the likes of Teddy Riley and Babyface, Rahsaan has made his mark as one of the best soul song artists of his time.

      Previous Albums include;

    • Rahsaan Patterson (Self Titled)
    • Love In Stereo

      And Introducing his latest Production:

      Rahsaan Patterson - After hours (2004)


      1. 1. The One For Me
      2. 2. I Always Find Myself
      3. 3. So Hot
      4. 4. Burniní
      5. 5. Loving You
      6. 6. The Best
      7. 7. Donít Run So Fast
      8. 8. You Make Life So Good
      9. 9. Yeah Yeah Yeah
      10. 10. Separate
      11. 11. Aprilís Kiss
      12. 12. Straighten It Out (Hidden bonus track)

      For further details about Rahsaan Patterson and his music visit www.rahsaan-patterson.com


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