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    Album Review

    • Carl Thomas - Let's Talk About It (2004)

    • Tracklisting
      1. Let's Talk About It - (Interlude)
      2. Anything
      3. My First Love
      4. She Is - (featuring LL Cool J)
      5. Know It's Alright - (Interlude)
      6. Make It Alright
      7. The Baby Maker
      8. Dreamer
      9. A Promise
      10. But Me
      11. All You've Given
      12. All My Love - (Interlude)
      13. Let Me Know
      14. Rebound
      15. That's What You Are - (Interlude)
      16. Work It Out

      Carl Thomas Fans have been waiting over 3 years to replace his smooth RnB ballad-filled debut from their bedroom CD Players. But Carl Thomas has made the wait worthwhile and his fans will be more than pleased with his Sophmore release, Let's Talk About It.

      “Lets Talk About It” is some what different to 2000's Emotional. It's a little more upbeat, slicker, and is a very tight Production indeed.

      Album Highlights:

      She Is
      This is the first release for the album and it is only the beginning. With Mario Winans Backing up and P’Diddy on Production they have managed to revamp Surface's song “Happy”, and i believe they achieved there goal! LL.Cool J fits right in as usual with his versatile hip hop, thus making this the perfect first up single!!

      My First Love
      If you love Acoustic RNB, then this is for you. Produced by “Just Blaze”…Perfection!

      A Promise
      One of the strongest songs on the album. It is an inspirational love song.

      All You’ve Given
      Carl's voice sounds absolutely soulful for the full duration of this soon to be Classic. The lyrics are so simple, but Carl manages to put Depth into those lyrics!

      Make it Alright
      For me this is the tightest production on the Album, it has the smooth rnb overtunes backed up by a mid-tempo beat.

      Work It Out
      This is a nice way to go out., Work It Out is solid track. Most artist throw in some cannon Fodder to end an album out, with Carl, he’s left one of his best to last.

      The four "interludes" for a change, give the album some depth. A love poem that ends with a Fantastic Four reference makes "Know It's Alright" the pick of the interludes.

      Carl Thomas strong voice cuts deep on most tracks, with only a couple not being up to standard. Though all in all, with 16 tracks and only a couple below average ones, it's easy to Pronounce this album a tight, totally Carl Thomas experience!!!

      Last Word

      Although Let's Talk About It is excellent production for many reasons, the main reason with this Album is ,that no matter how many songs recieve commercial airplay, you will be able to find many more Classics on the album. Carl's fans and R&B fans alike will no doubt applaude the talent of Carl thomas and his creation that is “Let's Talk About It.”

      Review by Snoops


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